WWN Recognition Award Recipient: Linda Caruso

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On March 29, the Working Women’s Network (WWN) announced and celebrated the 1stRecognition Award Recipient: Linda Caruso!

Linda Caruso is a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Yale School of Nursing (Division of Acute Care/Health System and Doctoral Programs). She has been at Yale for almost 8.5 years, and in her current position for almost 3.5 years.

Two years ago, Linda’s identified the low morale of her department as an issue that was a problem for all involved. She relentlessly worked with staff, senior administrators, and faculty to break down the communication obstacles through the creation of regular retreats, a staff lounge and monthly department community gatherings. She encouraged the various units in her department to sponsor their community gatherings and apparently, there is now a bit of competition as to which unit will organize the best one.  Clearly her impact in her department has been deep and the changes she has brought on have become integrated in its culture. 

Linda’s nomination by Dr. Holly Kennedy, Executive Deputy Dean & Helen Varney Professor of Midwifery in the Yale School of Nursing, stands apart because Linda decided to tackle a difficult organizational work situation from a position where she did not necessarily have authority. Her willingness to volunteer to fix her department’s morale speaks highly of her commitment to her colleagues and to making Yale a better place. The remarkable thing is that she instituted change mostly through her people skills and communication, and this speaks to the lasting impact of her vision. She was able to change things around in just 2 years and this is a tribute to the significant effort she put into it as well as to her force of persuasion.  Overall her initiative contributed to a more respectful and enjoyable workspace for all in her department.  For all of these reasons, Linda is an awesome WWN role model.

At the Recognition Ceremony, WWN’s Executive Sponsor Joan O’Neill announced Linda Caruso as the WWN’s first Recognition Award recipient. Linda was recognized for her commitment to making her community at the Yale School of Nursing a great place where to work; and was praised for her tireless efforts to work with YSN staff, senior administrators, and faculty alike to challenge the status quo from a place she did not necessarily have authority. Linda was joined by her husband, son, and many of the staff from the School of Nursing.

For a detailed recap of the Recognition Award Ceremony, click here. Check out the event photos here.

Special thanks to the Recognition Award Committee Members: Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass (Founding Co-Chair), Shaun King (Co-Chair), Marinda Monfilston (Co-Chair), Susan Abramson, Kelly Cronan, Karin Gatison, Rochelle Goodwin, Kate Hathaway, Barbara Hildebrand, Deborah Stanley-McAulay, Jennifer Mendelsohn, Diane Miranda, and Amy Myers.