October 3, 2016
On Oct 3rd, Shirley Chock introduced the ancient Chinese martial art Tai chi and its philosophy that soft, yielding power can overcome hard, rigid power. Shirley performed a demonstration and... more
September 14, 2016
On September 14, Dr. Alan Kazdin led a Q&A session, preceded by a short presentation, on Parenting Teenagers. Dr. Kazdin,  Director of the Yale Parenting Center, provided some helpful insight... more
July 27, 2016
Dr. Carl Baum, Professor of Pediatrics and of Emergency Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, lead a talk bringing awareness to how different chemicals can mimic hormones in the human body and... more
July 26, 2016
The first Art Talk Tuesday happened in July and was a wonderful success with one member commenting that “It was the perfect midday break!” With the assistance of guides, attendees explored several... more
June 29, 2016
On June 3, Professor Zoë Chance led a talk co-sponsored by ANY, FLY, WWN, and YLNG on Persuasion and Influence. Zoë helps leaders learn simple ways to increase their influence so they can get more of... more
June 27, 2016
Dr. Paul Anastas, Professor in the Practice of Chemistry for the Environment, lead an engaging conversation about the impact that plastics can have on human health and ecosystems, the role of... more
June 2, 2016
The Yale Working Women’s Network is excited to announce the development of a new committee, the Yale Family Network. The Yale Family Network is a committee organized to provide programming and... more