Working Women’s Network Committees

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Representatives

Deborah Stanley-McAulay, Chief Diversity Officer

Marinda Brown, Coordinator of Diversity Programs


Konstantza Popova, Co-Chair

Rebecca Cramer, Co-Chair

Katie Bell, Co-Chair

Career Development

Adrienne Lucas, Co-Chair

Somasundaram Lakshmi, Co-Chair

Dolores Grillo, Co-Chair


Nikitia Tillman, Co-Chair

Stacey Matakaetis, Co-Chair

Azaria McClure, Co-Chair

  • Media and Marketing, Data Collection: Xi Liu, Stacey Matakaetis
  • Secretary: McKenzie Granata
  • Newsletter: Lashaunda Russell, Erin MacDonnell
  • Facebook Manager: Tiffany Penn
  • Twitter Manager: Nikitia Tillman

Family Network

Kathleen Gilloran, Co-Chair

Ronice Awudu, Co-Chair


Dana Lipnickas, Co-Chair

Pam Bloomfield, Co-Chair

Melissa Goodall, Co-Chair

Outreach and Collaborations

Audrey Rogers, Co-Chair

Ellasandra Davis, Co-Chair

Robynne Orr, Co-Chair


Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, Co-Chair

Marinda Brown, Co-Chair

Shaun King, Co-Chair

Work-Life/Social Events

Laura Kirk, Co-Chair

Jordan Jefferson, Co-Chair


Constance Costa, Medical School Campus

Konstantza Popova, Science Park

Barbara Hildebrand, West Campus