Event Recap - WWN Social Media Safety & Awareness

Social Media Safety & Awareness Flyer
November 6, 2020

With over 60 attendees, Trooper Kate Cummings and her assistant presented via Zoom on November 6th to teach all attendees about all of the social media platforms kids and teens are using currently and how parents can avoid possible dangerous situations. With over an hour presentation and Trooper Cummings’ extensive knowledge on social media, this session provided parents with tips and tricks to stay aware while keeping their children safe online. Thank you to those that were able to attend, please click the recording link if you were not able to make it. 

Please view the recording link from the event: https://yale.zoom.us/rec/play/BA3ndWgrX0Or1e_n-qvsFPxtuJ01Lzcm-AVs3RMbXL…