Social Justice

The Working Women’s Network is committed to uplifting and supporting almost 7,000 women in the Yale community. A community that still bears the shape and form of the inequities and biases upon which it was formed in 1701. While we may never fully comprehend the breadth, depth, and various forms in which these societal injustices exist within the confines of the workplace, we can look ahead and strive for something better.  We can support efforts to improve the work lives of all within the Yale community. How do we, as a community, make an impact on generations to come?

We do it with Tolerance, Education, and Understanding

The Working Women’s Network aims to empower members of the Yale community to be the change we seek, here and elsewhere. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our community. We can accomplish this change through education. We can learn to understand and appreciate our differences. We can be inclusive and accessible. The WWN commits to providing programming that appeals to and supports all the women in our community while promoting equity. Our immediate goals include the following:

  • Curate programming that includes more women of color.
  • Roll out a Community Task Force – tasked with continuing to build WWN’s commitment to the community in which it resides. Voter registration campaign, virtual Diaper Drive, supporting local small business/entrepreneurs, and more programming.
  • Break down the Silo Effect and curate intersectional allyship with other Affinity Groups (AG) so that we can speak with one voice. Partner with the other AGs through the “Better Together” project.
  • Offer more programming and resources to educate our community about how systemic racism,  ageism and sexism disproportionately and negatively afflict women across our nation and all over this world.
  • Provide a platform for conversations to share feelings and act.