Working Women’s Network Committees

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Representatives

  • Deborah Stanley-McAulay, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Marinda Monfilston, Coordinator of Diversity Programs


  • Elizabeth Luoma, Co-Chair
  • Reese McLeod, Co-Chair

Health and Wellness

  • Kelly Locke, Co-Chair
  • Martha Cedeno-Ross, Co-Chair

Book Club

  • Jennifer Mendelsohn, Co-Chair
  • Suzanne Young, Co-Chair

Career Development

  • Nandi Cummings, Co-Chair
  • Open, Co-Chair


  • Erin MacDonnell, Co-Chair
    • Newsletter: Erin MacDonnell, Nikitia Tillman, Laurie Toth 
    • Marketing: Ricarda Tomlin
    • Social Media Manager: Nikitia Tillman

Family Network

  • Open, Co-Chair
  • Open, Co-Chair

Mentoring Program

  • Stacey Bonet, Co-Chair
  • Open, Co-Chair

Recognition Award

  • Jordan Jefferson, Co-Chair
  • Open, Co-Chair

Social Justice

  • Jordan Jefferson, Co-Chair
  • McKenzie Granata, Co-Chair

Work-Life/Social Events

  • Danielle Peterson, Co-Chair
  • Open, Co-Chair