Joining WWN

As a black woman I could have joined the Yale African American Affinity Group, but instead I chose to join WWN, because women as a whole are disproportionately misrepresented, but women of color seem to get the unfair part of the stick. I wanted to share my story, to those who wanted to learn (and to some who did not). The best way to do this is to allow myself to be asked a barrage of questions. Books don’t always show the emotion and direct impact of being a black woman with a black son, but sharing my stories with those who want to learn more does. 2020 was hard, we dealt with a pandemic, a racial awakening and I dealt with learning how to come to grips with being me. I say all that to say that I almost came to tears when by cis-gender white male colleague from another department reached out to me to have a race conversation. He wanted to learn more, and I had put myself in a position to help him learn more. This emotional moment was one of my highlights in an otherwise wretched year.