Nothing can fill that void

In 2011 my mother was  diagnosed with stage one breast cancer.  She opted to do a lumpectumy and radiation. and then she opted to do chemotherapy to reduce the chances of the cancer coming back; the chemotherapy is what killed her.
This journey of grief has been traumatic. My mother was my best friend. She was non-judgmental in Nothing can fill that void my family has fallen apart
On one side after she passed away literally all her brothers and sisters except for one passed away from a broken heart. Although she died from the chemo I still support cancer research but I know that they have a cure it is about in sure.
Leaning on my God for comfort. Also, the grief counseling group at 221 Whitney Ave helped me so much. Sadly I don’t think they offer the group any longer & Yale University EAP program doesn’t have a good selection of therapist. 
I just learn how to live each day of my life without her❤️