Diplomatic Power of Tea Photos
February 29, 2020
On Dec 3, 2019, over 90 attendees experienced a once-in-a-lifetime world tour of unique stories and tasting of rare teas at “The Diplomatic Power of Tea: A History Presentation & Tasting of 10
Photo of Nikki Giovanni
February 29, 2020
“I think life is interesting, and I want to recommend it….Don’t let things bother you that are unimportant. Love the people who love you. Forget about the people who don’t.
Photo of Crystal Feimster and Angela Davis
February 29, 2020
“Art gives us visions into the future, and music makes us feel where we want to go. It is often artists or musicians who help us to feel that which we have not learned how to say.
Demystifying Vegan: Theme Nights Photo
February 29, 2020
The Working Women’s Network Health & Wellness Series hosted the talk, Demystifying Vegan: Theme nights on Monday, January 27.
February 28, 2020
Monica Givens shares how she started at Yale and her recent move from Yale Temporary Staffing Services to Staffing Support Specialist in Human Resources and became a member of the Yale Staffing an
January 29, 2020
For our new spotlight series, Women on the Move, we caught up with Stacey Bonet, Working Women’s Network Co-Chair Elect, to talk about her recent move to a new role
Title IX Information Session Flyer
December 31, 2019
Stephanie Spangler, Valarie Stanley, Ksenia Sidorenko, and Freda Grant gave an extensive overview of the Title IX resources on campus, including the Title IX office, the Office of Institutional Equ