WWN Recognition Award Photo Collage
June 30, 2020
On June 10th, the Working Women’s Network hosted its first virtual Recognition Award Ceremony.
Women United Volunteer Photo
June 22, 2020
No Contact Opportunities:
Photo of Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen Donation
May 31, 2020
During this Covid-19 crisis, our leadership Co-Chairs Jordan Jefferson and Nandi Cummings have been guiding us to reappropriate our WWN budget to support vulnerable communities and businesses in Ne
Empowering Confidence Photo
May 31, 2020
On May 8th, Future Leaders of Yale, LGBTQ Affinity Group, Working Women’s Network, Yale African Affinity Group, and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion co-sponsored Empowering Co
Remote Exercise Photo
April 30, 2020
Fitness for Children: Cosmic Yoga on YouTube for kids:
Parenting Resources Photo
April 30, 2020
Physical activity and creativity for children:
Mind and Spirit Photo
April 30, 2020